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My Take on BizTalk 360

Just reading Randal’s post on BizTalk 360.

I have to say it looks like it preserves all the BizTalk terminology and is almost a 1-for-1 wrapper around BizTalk Administrator Console.

What we really need is a tool that surfaces real problems for the business.  Users want to know if a file or message was successfully processed.  What’s the history of those loads?  Which failed and when and why?  This is what a real dashboard for BizTalk should bring to the fore.



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  1. June 27, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Hi Krip,
    Thanks for taking your time to look into BizTalk360. The objective of BizTalk360 is not to provide a tool for Business users, but to fill the gap of supporting a controlled BizTalk environment like production and test environment.

    Even though at the face, it looks like BizTalk Adminstration console with a nice web interface, there are some key features. To name few,

    “Fine grained Authorization”: BizTalk360, allows you to control things like providing read only access to environment, access to only specific applications, ability to control whether user can start/stop artifacts, host instances, resume/terminate service instances etc

    “Governance/Audit”: BizTalk360 logs all the key activities, so you know “Who did what” in the environment

    Topology: Ability to understand your environment topology on the fly.

    Our latest addition is remotely managing and controlling BizTalk environments using Windows Azure AppFabric service bus as explained here http://blogs.digitaldeposit.net/saravana/post/2011/06/27/Marriage-between-BizTalk360-and-Azure-AppFabric-Service-Bus-Result-Birth-of-httpdemobiztalk360com.aspx

    May be in the future releases, depending on the interest we can add functionalities to make business users comfortable with the tool.

    Hope, it clarifies few things.

    Saravana Kumar

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