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Firing up your code!

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Put some fire in your code. Just how do you go about lighting it up?

F = Fast Keep performance in mind. Don’t wait until the end of the project for full QA/performance test cycles for that aha moment. Think about performance from the get go. It will save work on rearchitecture later. Load up your system with data – factors more than you anticipate. Keep your code as lean as possible: less is more!

I = Intuitive From the structure of your code to the layout of your user interface, stick with the patterns that are tried, true and familiar. Someone should look at your code and just get it; same with the screens.

R = Remember basic principles In days gone by we’d call them Cohesion and Coupling. Those very basic principles still hold. Today we call cohesion ‘Single Responsibility’. Everything should do one thing only, from a method, to a class, to an assembly. Keep internal workings internal and expose what makes sense.

E = Extensible Build for today but plan for tomorrow. Plug in hooks to extend or even replace implementations as appropriate. Think about what’s likely to change given the history of the business / existing systems. As an example, to do proper unit testing, you’ll need to ‘swap out implementation’ and Interfaces is a great way to make this possible.

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