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Syncing Hotmail on a Mac

March 6, 2016 Leave a comment

Who would have thought this would be so difficult!

I have a legacy hotmail account that’s not been migrated to Office 365 yet. You know because the upper left reads ‘’ vs. ‘Outlook Mail’ – the latter shows after your migration or if you open a new account.

If you’re on legacy, forget about getting your contacts and calendar entries on your Mac even if you use Outlook for Mac. Since hotmail does not support carddav and caldav it won’t work. You can get mail.

So until I migrate, I created a new account, attached to it from Outlook on PC, and copied all contacts in one shot. Then I connected from Mac to the new account using the Exchange provider. It connected, but no contacts. Aargh.

Googling showed that I need to set categories to ‘jiggle’ the contacts and get them to sync. So I did that from Outlook on Mac. Now contacts started showing up on Mac. However a few would come over then some Exchange sync error (“The operation couldn’t be completed. (SOAPWebServicesErrorDomain error – 997.)”

If I close Contacts, and restart some more would come over then the error again.

So I’m still in that mode but seeing more and more contacts.

It shouldn’t be this hard…really.

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